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Milton hotel Paris - Internet Access with wifi free!

Though we can not guarantee that wifi signal strong enough in all rooms, we can say it is possible to access the wifi in most of rooms. In the lobby, in the restaurant, in conference rooms, there is no problem of connection.

Why Milton hotel Paris can offer free Internet access to our guests? Because in fact nowadays ADSL wide band connection is very low cost. Because we think Internet is a very important tool for travellers. And because we don't need other people to maintain the network.

The Internet access in Milton hotel Paris is by Wireless network, wifi. We have installed a wireless network in the hotel for quite long time. With this network, Guests of Milton hotel Paris can keep contacts to the world with internet. Access to the internet is also free of charge. Yes, you should have your own notebook, or laptop, computer, with a wireless network adapter: any type you prefer.

Before you can use your notebook laptop computer to access the Internet, perhaps you need to set your network parameters. You can ask the reception for this.

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