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welcome to paris shopping page!

milton hotel paris, near paris subway station, easy access by subway or high way.

paris, a shopping paradise!

shopping in paris is a pleasure. according to tour leaders who company tour groups to various countries and cities in europe, paris is always their major shopping place. whether you going to spend one million euros in  paris, or simply enjoy the window-shopping opportunities, parisian shops are an integral part of the city's cultural identity, and make it the ultimate destination for visitors.


being a metropolitan, paris itself is a great market. varieties of goods, atmosphere of shopping, good service of all kinds of shops, paris is really your market place. even talking about prices, we can also say that paris is a shopping paradise. you can find very noble, luxurious, rare and high price goods in exclusive shops, you can also easily find popular shops that selling good quality goods with astonished low price. no matter you are millionaires or ordinary working people, you will find your shopping place, you will find some thing interesting in paris.

some general information about paris shops:

most shops are open from monday to saturday, closed on sunday and festivals. only some shops that mainly serve to tourists open on sunday and festivals.

most shops open from 10:00am to 7:00pm, while supermarkets usually open from 9:00 am to 10:00pm.

all shops accept credit cards, and cash in euros. very few shops accept foreign currency cashes.

in this page, we hope we can provide some information useful to visitors to paris.

we think paris department stores is a must of your paris visit, so there are some tips to these “grands magasins?at first.

every one needs supermarket nowadays, you have some choice here: supermarkets and commercial centers.

are you interested buying a camera,  please share our discoveries in camera shops.

if you are interested in houte couture of paris, france, we shall show you to a special street, where you can find real parisian style in their exclusive shops.

perhaps you are interested to find some antiques? have a visit to the flea market.

if you are not living in europe, you can refund your purchase tax, here are some information about duty free or tax refund procedures.

finally, you need to find a nice hotel to lodge for your paris tour, there is some idea here.

paris on sale. there are two seasonal discounts every year in paris, in france: one in january, one in july. most parisiens make their shopping in these two months.

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