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shopping a camera in paris


are you interested shopping cameras? paris is a good place for you. there are numerous camera shops in paris, selling new and second hand, traditional or digital, small format or grand format, various brand of cameras and other photography equipments, for everyday use or for collection.

if you are going to buy a camera for normally use, or just to see what photography equipment are available in paris, you should first go to fnac. fnacs are large stores that originally a book store. but now, it sells computer and electronic appliances, video and audio products, and cameras. they also provide services in film development and prints.

there are several fnacs in the city center,  for cameras, the one in saint lazar and the other in chatelet are larger ones with all possibilities. fnacs not only sell new cameras and lenses, they also sell second hand. sometimes you can find very good gadget in very good price. because when they sell new equipment, they also take back your old stuff and it seems they do not earn money from resell second hand equipment.

there are many specialty photography equipment stores in paris. there is even a photography street -- blouvard beaumarchais, beside bastile. just mention a little: le moyen format, that is also official rollei dealer, le grand format, la maison de leica, le numerique, photo 40, odeon, and so on. you can buy, you can rent, you can sell your equipment here. all stores sell new quipments as well as second hand. if you want to have your equipment repaired, this is place to go. price is reasonable. some times you can find a surprise. this is the place many collectors go and find their favorites. 

the famous camera street is just near the place bastile. this pillar named  "colonne de juillet". it is 50 meters high and includes a spiral staircase. it is built on the graves of the victims of the july revolution and is engraved with the names of the 504 who died.

leica maison, if you know cameras, you should know, or at least you should be able to guess  what leica maison means.

moyen format means medium format. if you find some second hand 35 mm format equipment in very low price here, do not be surprised: perhaps they do not care these "cheap" gadgets.

sell, buy, exchange, new or second hand, and reparations.

if you are really interested in photography equipment, you may be interested at a camera fair. every year, on the first sunday of june, there is a large open photo fair in a small town called bievres. that day, collectors, dealers, ordinary camera fans go there from all over the world. shopping there is a great pleasure.

you can sell you cameras here like the lady.

you can find easily ancient camera at the foire bievres.

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