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paris is the number one  fashion capital of the world.

while talking about paris fashion, we have to say something about the word “Haute couture".

the term "haute couture" is french. haute means "high" or "elegant." couture literally means "sewing," but has come to indicate the business of designing, creating, and selling custom-made, high fashion women's clothes. in the history, “houte couture" was the symbol of paris fashion.

buying paris fashion is not necessary in houte couture shops, you can buy in department stores like lafayette. but if you want to feel what paris fashion means, you should be there.

 there is a very famous street in paris 8th arrondissement - rue du faubourg saint-honor. the palace elysee is on this street. on this street, there are many houte couture shops. the older generation foreigners might feel quite at home of the haute couture shops. now, these haute couture shops are still existing, and they are still selling houte couture, but today at very limited volume: there are only 2000 women in the world buying houte couture every year. houte couture is not a profitable business today. houte couture companies are making money with their “byproducts" they are selling “prêt ?porter?--- ready to wear clothes, perfume and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, and so on. you can find top quality clothes, shoes, bags, and leather goods here. though these are not real houte couture, the quality is  guarantee, and the price is much lower than real houte couture. if you want to have a real feeling of paris fashion, you should go to visit to these houte couture shops.

the street “Rue du faubourg saint-honoré” is famous. the palace elysee is also on this street.

so many shops are concentrating in this street.

in the street, houte couture shops are showing their prestige style. their doors are not large. does it mean that it is not open to masses?


from the windows, you can see different style models.

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